Interactive Video as an E-Commerce Strategy

We are approaching the end of 2017 and here are some random facts about how people spend their time online:

1. Millennials are now making 54% of their purchases online (1)

2. Video content accounts for more than 70% of all online traffic (2)

3. 55% of the people on our planet watch videos online everyday (3)

Now, with these in mind, it is quite obvious that the most sensible way to approach an e-commerce strategy is to integrate some solid video content in there. But with the diminishing attention spans of consumers and the increased need for data from brands and analysts, here is how interactive video can help your ecommerce strategy:

Possible Transaction and Conversion Points

Some interactive videos allow for the integration of responsible websites and widgets within the video, which essentially means more potential transaction and conversion points. By allowing the viewer to book a table at a restaurant, make a purchase from directly within the video, or engage with a brand’s social feed, businesses can increase their revenue through video advertising. It is a simple and efficient way of driving more traffic to one’s website as well!

Analytics Tracking

Understanding what one’s visitors, leads, and prospects want and need is an essential task for the success of your e-commerce strategy. By using interactive video in an e-com strategy, brands can track and improve the success of each interaction, and measure KPIs like conversion rates, engagement rates, and completion rates over time. As a result, businesses can see where the opportunities lie and know more about the weak links in their strategy.

The Peak of Non-linear Storytelling  

Increasing our capacity to see more, interactive videos procreate clickable links to bonus content and paths to explore the story further. In turn, non-linear storytelling provides the consumer with further choices, and offers more than one scenario, leaving more room for personal experience and a two way conversation between the creator of the video and the consumer.

Long, Linear Videos are a Thing of the Past

Shortening a video is not an easy task. In the worst case scenario, the creators cuts back on footage, can only specify a few key notes and as a result the video falls flat. However, with a shrinking attention span, long and linear videos are a thing of the past. This presents a market for clickable videos. With interactive videos' versatile features, you can add all kinds of calls to action such as links to follow on social media, paths to purchase, links to website, photos, videos and text to further engage the public and kickstart a promising campaign.






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