Introducing Spotful Analytics

Here at Spotful we know Big Data is important to every content creator. Data is everywhere and is rich with information to help take the guessing game out of marketing. Data helps you target ads, tells you how your website is doing, and can even give you some important stats about your marketing tactics, including video.

That’s why we have created a new and improved Video Analytics Dashboard!

Time Range

The Spotful Analytics Dashboard lets you select any date range to display your video data from. This feature makes it easier for content creators to review their video success over a selected period of time. This feature also comes in handy when you want to compare your data over the years.


Engagement Rate

The Engagement Rate metric information can be found on the top of the analytics dashboard. It is represented by a blue circle that makes it easier for users to read the level of engagement that a piece of created content is receiving from an audience. The way it works is that whenever one of your viewers clicks on at least one of the interactive spots from your video the data is interpreted and displayed in form of percentages (%). If there are no clicks on the spots then the Engagements Rate is zero (0).


Play Rate

This information can be found as well on top of your analytics dashboard and it’s represented by a green circle. Play rate is equal to total plays as a percentage of total impressions. This tells you how many people who had the opportunity to watch your video chose to do so and clicked the play button.


Completion Rate

This circle is represented by the colour red and it’s the last information found on the top of your analytics dashboard. This metric calculates the percentage rate of viewers that watched your entire video from start to finish. Make an effort to make your videos appropriate for you target audience to keep the viewers interest going. A higher completion rate means viewers are more likely to share your video and purchase your product.


Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.