Pop Up Shop Heats Up Local Dairy Queen

We all know that brick and mortar is in a re-examination phase. The big stores that were pillars when I was a kid are no more. Iconic blue Sears sign, Toys R Us mega stores, staples like that, they're all gone or on their way out!

More and more is being bought online. Look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Collectively, Shopify merchants made over $1 billion, Amazon received 7.14 million transactions over the weekend and Alibaba, the retail giant knocked its last year’s self and everyone else out with a record of $25.3 billion in sales on Single’s Day. Online sales are skyrocketing and casting a shadow on some traditional in store purchases.

This isn't news to anyone, but it’s still worth repeating. If you want to survive, you must adapt.

Seemingly, pop up shops are good for online businesses that want to add a physical touch to their high season. Street sales, 5à7s, art galleries and now ice cream shops have become pop-up stores.

Only paying rent when it counts is a definite win and benefits multiple stakeholders. The Dairy Queen in Westmount solved that problem by renting out their location to Kombi, a staple for winter gear and accessories since 1961. Canada winters can be brutal and usually we’re not walking around searching for ice cream cones.

Why pay rent and amenities for those cold months when business is frozen?! Or if you own the location, why not make some extra cash by renting it out?

This way, both sides win!

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