Product Update: Faster player, non-destructive editing, and a new preview tool.

Hello folks,

We have been working hard in the past while to get you the editing flow you deserve!  Here's what's up: 

Publishing, Drafts and Non-Destructive Editing

Each project now have both a Draft and a Live version giving users the ability to edit projects without affecting the published version of that project. This means a project can be edited and tested and previewed without affecting the live version.

This means a project is a draft up until the point a user chooses to publish or update a project (by hitting the button in the editor panel), at which point it becomes live.

preview embed modeOh yeah, and there's also a powerful new URL with a fast player, but we'll talk about that below.

Preview Modes

Spotful’s preview mode got a functional new makeover! Users now have the ability to preview their projects across platforms; mobile, desktop and embeds (like in social feeds, or blog posts).

Previews are accessible through the Preview button, as they always have been. Only users with editing permissions on that project can access this view. 

Note: You can expect some upgrades like preview sharing in the coming months, but for now if you want to share a preview, you'll have to add a Spotful user as a collaborator

Spotful's new Preview Mode for previewing your interactive video campaigns before you launch.

Static Player

Spotful’s player recently underwent a major overhaul - now loading in under a second by using cached static assets, which are served through a global CDN. What this means to you - the creator - is blazing fast loading speeds for your viewers, and a funky new URL -

Going forward, this is the URL you will share with your audience. The old URLs ( will work, but the projects here will immediately reflect any changes you make in the editor. So by distributing this new URL, you're able to make updates, and test new versions without affecting what your users are seeing - until you're ready. 

I hope you enjoy these awesome new features we've been working on. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns - or if you just want to say hi.

Simon Gooder

Product Lead & Project Manager at Spotful. 

Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.