Update: A New Dashboard for Asset Management

At Spotful, we practice continuous delivery of our software.  That means that every single week we are pushing out new updates, fixes, and features.  This week, our development team released a few major updates that we’re very excited about.  And we’d like to summarize them for you here.

Image management now supports inline filtering and sorting by date uploaded or last used.

Our image manager, as part of our collective suite of media management tools, has received a powerful update that makes it significantly easier to manage and find your favourite images.

image manager screenshot - after - cropped To make it easier to manage and find the image files you’re looking for we’ve introduced three key features to this tool.  First, the ability to search/filter your list of images by name so that you can quickly and easily find your files once the list gets too long.  Second, we’ve introduced a new column of information that shows you when each image was last used.  And finally, we’ve made the list sortable – so that you can fully control what you’re looking at and in what order.

Conversion Tracking is integrated into our Analytics UI.

Two weeks ago we rolled out an update to our platform that gives you the ability to track conversions that occur within your interactive videos.  With this capability, you can drive sales directly within your videos.  And now, you can view the efficacy of your spots directly from within our platform’s analytics UI.

analytics ui screenshot - new

We’ve added the number of conversions to the data chart.  We also highlight the overall conversion rate for the project and the time-frame selected.  Finally, each conversion is recorded individually and we provide the ability to download those conversions and any data that has been passed to us with them.

» Check out our conversion tracking implementation guide.

We have a new Mobile Player!

Finally, we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our latest mobile player!

We’ve been iterating on our design of the player practically since the inception of our business and after months and months of design, testing, iterating and repeating, we’ve now launched what we feel is our best, most user-friendly, most beautiful looking player yet!


mobile screenshot - 3     mobile screenshot - 4     mobile screenshot - 5


Our new mobile player has two ways of viewing a video.  The first is a split-screen mode where the video is prominent at the top of the application.  The second allows the viewer to consume your spot’s content, which takes prominence in full screen, but, taking a cue from YouTube’s mobile application, leaves a smaller version of the video playing in the bottom corner of the screen.

This style of consumption on mobile is becoming more and more common in the industry and addresses the challenge of how we properly mix video content with text/web content in a way that respects the video producer and the reason the viewer is consuming the video in the first place – but also allows for any spot content to also be consumed in an effective way.

This mobile player is web-based so it doesn’t require the user to download anything.  Our design philosophy is build once, work everywhere.  So whether it’s on desktop, smart TVs, or mobile phones, anyone anywhere can view your videos in whatever way they want!

– Dan Lazar, Head of technology @ Spotful

Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.