Share Your Music!

Spotful was created with the purpose of bringing creators closer to their audience through our Interactive editor. One of the most interesting features our platform holds is the possibility to create a SoundCloud template that is fully functional inside any video.

How does it work?

Once you have a registered account with Spotful you can go ahead and access our Editor Dashboard. On the right side of your screen you will find a drop down menu with all the available Interactive templates. Select the SoundCloud icon and drop it on top of your video. It’s as simple as that!

The SoundCloud player will automatically appear on top of your video and from there you can edit your slide as you wish. You can upload a picture for your Spot, customize it’s size and transparency levels.

spotful soundcloud

Drag & Drop

In the Content section you have to enter the URL of the SoundCloud track you wish to play inside your spot. You have the option to auto play the track once viewers open the spot or to let them decide when to play it, as shown in the image bellow.

Spotful SoundCloud editor

Spotful SoundCloud editor

In addition, you can customize your spot’s behaviour. Some creators prefer to pause their video once the spot has been opened, however you can choose not to do so. The editor gives you several options so you can control your video at all times and create an Interactive video that is in sync with your target audience’s needs.

Why use the SoundCloud template?

Visual marketing, mostly video, has become the number one way of successfully acquiring the attention of your audience. Spotful gives you the advantage of taking a shortcut for showcasing your work. Viewers can connect with your SoundCloud account, share your music or add it to favourites, all while staying inside the video. The question “Who is playing this song?!” is no longer an issue.

Here is an example of an Interactive video put together by our team using only SoundCloud templates. Enjoy!

Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.