Spotful Creator Series presents: Govales, a Music Entrepreneur.

As a creative at Spotful, I've had the chance to work with many different industries. But my favorite is definitely the music industry and the video projects that come with it.The aesthetic in music videos allow  for very creative approaches. But when it comes to interactive video, it’s always a challenge to respect the artists brand identity. The one person who does it best is the multitalented Govales. Producer, entrepreneur, singer, songwriter and art director. He’s worked on projects with Kaytranada, Shashu, Spike Lee & more. He’s been creating Spotful videos for a few months now and I really want to share a few examples with you. Govales has turned the traditional music video on its head. He created something new and fundamentally powerful. I would not be surprised if his approach becomes a standard for releasing new digital content moving forward in 2017. 

I sat down with him to ask a few questions about the relation between Spotful and his creative process and how it helps him leverage his craft. 

Artist name: GOVALES

-When did you start creating music videos?

I started creating music videos in 2007

-How did Spotful change your approach to making music videos?

Spotful added another layer of story-telling in our videos. It allows us to bring out more character in the on-screen performance and story.

It's definitely encouraged me and my team to think way less linear and more expansive in our vision of film. I feel like the tool is one of the first steps of adding artificial intelligence into a film to have the viewer engage & watch.

We think of all the things we want to accomplish with the art & video and use the tool to pack as much of our world into a beautifully wrapped package.

-How do you see interactive videos affecting the music industry?

I think in the very near future interactivity will dominate our world culture in many forms and the music industry will adapt accordingly.

- What feature in Spotful editor. do you think brings out the most value for you.

Spotframe & the widgets that can connect to SoundCloud, Spotify etc bring the most value to us as we are always driving back to the music no matter what type of video it is.

-What tips or advice can you give new Spotful creators that want to utilize the tech?

I like to think that our videos are a bit like planting trees and underneath of our tree it has roots. Spotful is a tool that allows us to add more roots to our tree.  

Check out these videos for yourself, make sure to click on all the elements of the video.

-Mathieu Coates, Customer Success Manager @Spotful

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