SPOTLIGHTER SERIES: An analysis of what has worked and what is changing

Here at Spotful, we believe in learning from the good and the bad. A couple of months have passed since we started doing Spotful Community projects, including the Spotlighters Series. As is the case with every new project, there have been successful parts and not so successful parts to this whole journey. So we thought we would break down what did and did not work for us up until this point.

The initiative at Spotful is to give something back to our wonderful community. In this blog post, my focus will mainly be on the Spotlighters Series, a project very dear to my heart. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get up to speed here and here. Okay, let’s start.

The good:

• Presenting the cool, successful, wonderful people we meet.

• Interviewing spotlighters is opening up ways to new creative projects. Partnering with Anne Janody to create a 5-episode series on art and culture in Montreal was just the beginning. This project was born from an interview about her art blog Jano Lapin and quickly developed into a whole new network.

• Showcasing the tools that are not used that much in enterprise videos and showing the best practices of spotfulized video making.

• Buying a green screen. Yay! 

Making changes:

• The length of the video: We know you’d rather click on a 3 minute video than a 7 minute one. We’re making our videos shorter.

• The promotion: We used to show the entire interactive video on social but it wasn’t catching the attention we had in mind. So we’re starting to use short promo videos that played in line on Facebook and Twitter. These short clips show the release date and time are creating anticipation and are acting as advertising.

• The structure: We are removing the pre-set Spotlighters categories (entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and athletes), their title page colors, and the episode numbers as not everyone we met along the way has a clean place in one of these categories. We will get to customize each interview towards the person’s personality and flavor.

• The design: We were getting feedback from the spotlighters that the call to actions didn’t clearly suggest that they were clickable. This was a wonderful revelation to me personally, as it shook my belief that when you see something appear the instinct is to click on it. So, we are adding more obvious CTA such as an introductory spot at the beginning of the video that literally says “click on these things”.

• One more thing: We are changing the dull backgrounds to give ourselves the creative space to do funkier stuff that represent both the personality of the interviewee and our imaginative spirits here at Spotful. Because, again, we have a green screen. YAY!!

Mathieu demonstrating what a green screen can achieve

We’re on the right track! We are pumped that with Spotlighters we’re jamming with people that are showing us and viewers different sides of our world. But along the way we’ve learned that we have to shorten the videos and personalize the experience to make you look. Keep an eye out for our next Spotlighter Ariane Cote, the art director at Art Bang Bang.

Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.