I have an interactive video, now what?

Because our interactive platform represents a brand new video experience for users around the world, we would like to take this opportunity to include some of the best practices for sharing your interactive masterpieces on the world wide web.

Social Sharing

Our developers were kind enough to include an “info” button next to your project’s timeline. Once the button is clicked an overlay window appears that gives you the option to share your interactive video on Twitter and/or Facebook.


Once the video has been saved and published, the sharing option will be available on your video as well as on any other videos made with the Spotful Platform.

This is what the video looks like once it’s shared on Facebook & Twitter.



Spotful has a magic trick when it comes to Tweeter. Once the tweet has been expanded the video can be watched inline at it’s fullest interactive capacity. Isn’t that great?!

spotful_twitter_inlineIf you decide to share your interactive video on other social media platforms you only have to copy your video link and paste it where you wish.

spotful_video_linkWebsite embed

Another way of sharing your interactive videos is through an embed link. Open the Project Details tab from your editor and click on Publish. You will be able to find your embed code there. Spotful uses an iframe which you can use inside any website to play your video inline. A great example of this approach is showcased on the LeChateau websites.

Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.