Top 5 Reasons Interactive videos are the Future of Video Marketing

Marketing has evolved considerably in the past few years and business owners are facing more and more difficulties in reaching their target audience.

The majority of marketing strategies have been reviewed and improved over the past few years, however technology has taken over all aspects of conducting a business.

In the year 2016, video has become a key element in successful consumer acquisition that proves Interactive Videos are here to stay for a while.

Spotful interactive video platformSource: Orion21 Stats

Why? Just think about it for a second!

On Youtube only, there are approximately 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and that’s only on just one platform. With that massive amount of videos consumed everyday by users, it’s safe to assume that marketers get the most results when using video advertising.

Don’t worry! We got your back!

Here are the TOP 5 Reasons why Interactive Videos are the future of Video Marketing. 

1. Interactive Videos are Responsive

The science in Interactive Videos has evolved so much in the past few years that users can now enjoy the same experience regardless of what their device of choice may be. Your audience can now enjoy the full interactive experience. They can shop inside the video and/or connect with your business from their phones, tablets, laptops or desktop devices with no limitations.



2. You can shop inside the video!

Interactive Videos have an overlay that allow marketers to include their E-commerce Store directly into the video. Your audience will thank you later when they don’t have to open a separate window on their browser to hunt down an article they fell in love with in your promotional video.

Break the barriers and make online shopping a breeze!

Interactive Video Shop


3.  Easy to use Analytics

We know how important numbers are in analyzing the success of your marketing campaign and that’s why we have designed an easy to use Video Traffic Dashboard. You can share the date with everybody from your team.

Measure views, engagements and impressions for each spot directly into your Interactive Video Dashboard.

Interactive Video Platform Analytics


4. Connect with your audience

Social media still remains very effective when it comes to customer service and on getting to know your targeted audience on a more personal level. Interactive Videos have now the option to add a Facebook like button for your business page and/or your twitter feed that viewers can scroll through to read your posts.

Interactive Video Social Media Card

Also, both viewers and creators can share the videos on social media

Spotful Interactive Video platform social share


5. Freedom of creation

There are no limits to the amount of information that can include into an interactive video.

Marketers have the freedom to customize their projects to the point that they can include a promotional video into a promotional video!

Does that sound like marketing inception? Yes, pretty much!

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