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What is Spotful?

We are a software company from Montreal and we have created an interactive video platform that combines all the functionalities of apps and websites into video. Our mission is to help both companies and regular users improve their conversion rate. We want viewers to be able to purchase a product, connect on social media platforms and many more without having to leave the video experience.

We want you to share your whole story with the world and not leave anything out!
Our platform was originally developed to provide storytelling for gallery browsing in Halifax. A video shot of a painting on a wall, for instance, could lead to background info on that painting, right in the video.

How to create an interactive video?

The first step in starting your interactive video masterpiece is to register an account on our website. Registered users can chose from several subscriptions including a free version that is available for everyone!

Spotful list of prices

Spotful lets you upload your own video file or link from Youtube or Vimeo. Once you have the video in your Dashboard you can start adding shopping cards, entire website links, image & sound spotframes, social media account and many more!

 You just have to drag & drop the selected icons that will automatically appear in your video in the form of clickable bubbles.

Spotful drag & drop

What’s happening now?

We are constantly evolving and working on our platform to improve user experience. We have collaborated with some of the biggest retail and media companies in Canada, however we believe in having our product accessible to anyone that wants to create a unique storytelling experience.

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