Youtube Creator Day Montreal

Spotful had the amazing opportunity to connect with some of the best Youtube video creators from all across Canada during the Youtube Creator day event in Montreal organised by the Youtube community in Montreal represented by What’s up Montreal.

For this special event we got the chance to team up with video creator Vanessa Coco Bijoux to create the interactive video Crystals in the City. 

Vanessa is not only a Youtuber, but also a savvy business woman and her presentation was dedicated to young entrepreneurs that want to do more with their videos after they have uploaded them on Youtube. Many content creators own a whole “package” of digital assets, anything from a website to social media accounts, that provide the foundation of their success. The importance of compressing all these information into one video is crucial in this digital age. Keeping viewer’s attention focused on the video and not sending them to an external link may mean more views and more watch time for content creators.


Spotful_youtube_2Spotful founder Andrew Murray on stage with Youtuber Vanessa Coco

We really wish to bring more knowledge about digital marketing and business development into communities that could help video creators all around the world achieve their fullest potential. There is so much talent and dedication among artists and that’s why our platform is available to everyone.

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