Spotful is an interactive video toolset for serious storytellers and empowered audiences.

Give your videos the power to start real conversations.

See what you can easily accomplish with Spotful.

Custom video, editabled slides, clickable spot.

Built with everyone in mind.

Spotful is as simple as it gets. Choose a video, add a clickable hot-spot and customize your content. No code required.

The power of the web, in every video.

Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google Maps, Youtube, Vimeo, or your website. Your way, in your videos. (Capture likes, shares, followers, listens, views, leads, sales and more. All within one video)

Integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Youtube

Interactive videos in four easy steps.

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1. Pick a video

Bring your own video, find one on Youtube or Vimeo, or even pick one from our amazing gallery of free content. We built Spotful with easiness and flexibility in mind.

A contextual template menu

2. Add your content.

Whether it’s e-commerce, maps, images, links or custom functionality, Spotful lets you turn your video into a rich interactive experience. You can connect applications like Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps, or rich media like text, images, and websites.

A demonstration of a draggable interface for setting timed triggers

3. Drag and drop.

Choose the time and place at which each of these interactions occur. You can have one spot, or twenty-five. Sky's the limit.

Available across the web. Mobile, Desktop, TV, Iframe

4. Publish and share with the world.

Upload your video, add your custom content and share it with the world. You can embed your project on virtually any website.

Some of world's greatest brands trust Spotful.

Spotful Loading animation plays during video load.